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What is Sublimation Ink

What is Sublimation Ink (DYE) is the material used to color materials and fiber infused into the substrate. It is a permanent process and will last forever if done correctly. Sublimation ink starts in a liquid form, which is printed onto Sublimation Paper. When heat and pressure are added, the solid dye changes into gas, which then adheres to your substrate permanently. It will not wash out if applied correctly. However, if you sublimate on cotton, the ink will wash out over time. Learn more in A Beginners Guide to Sublimation, the book I have published on Sublimation Printing.

Dye Sublimation Ink is the same as Sublimation Ink, it is just another term for it.

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The Best Sublimation Ink

The Best Sublimation Ink is InkTek Printcare Sublimation ink Nig Ltd. I recommend InkTek Printcare Sublimation ink Nig Ltd (now with Auto Fill Technology), I’ve used all and they are all amazing, I’m currently using InkTek Printcare Sublimation ink Nig Ltd and am loving the results. Plus, all three of those sublimation inks work with Epson Printers. 

Is Sublimation Ink Toxic?

MOST sublimation inks are non-toxic and/or eco-friendly. Because it is a heat transfer ink, the process is called “eco-friendly”.

Is Sublimation Ink Toxic when heated?

With the cheap sublimation ink, there are toxic vapors that produce poisonous fumes. However, the smell is less intrusive if you use a mask or a highly ventilated space to sublimate in. I recommend Pirate Jacks (now with Auto Fill Technology), Cosmos Ink, or SubZone Ink. I’ve used all 3 and they are all amazing, I’m currently using SubZone and am loving the results.

What is Sublimation Ink Used For?

Sublimation Inks are used by people who are sublimating items for personal use or business purposes. The ink starts as a liquid, becomes a solid, and then a gas when heat is applied. This process leaves a design on the blank or substrate because it bonds to the fabric/surface. It is much like a tattoo on the skin. The ink looks like regular ink on paper, but when heat is applied, that is where the magic happens.

What Can I Use Sublimation Ink On?

Sublimation Ink is best used when the blank/substrate is light colored or white. Because Sublimation Ink is genuinely transparent, it makes a difference as to what colors you can use Sublimation Ink on.

Sublimation Ink also can’t be used on pure cotton, surfaces that are non-porous, or aren’t coated with a special polyester coating.

Can you switch brands of sublimation ink?

YES- But it is a very debatable subject, and I believe that if you switch brands, you also need to switch cartridges and limit your changes. Our printers work hard for us, and when you change inks, you have to do lots of purging cycles and run a cleaning kit through your printer to swap inks. So, proceed at your own risk.

Are all sublimation inks the same?

Are all sublimation inks the same? Much like anything in life, you get what you pay for. Shop for quality, not price, and pay a little more for quality. So, NO, all sublimation inks are not the same. Do your research and pick the brand that meets your needs and pocketbook.

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